In this section you will find articles about DIY cosmetics, with chemistry theory articles, tips and formulas.

If you’re new to this world, I suggest to start from the theory series, where you will find the information you need before you can begin making your own cosmetics at home.

Shuttle Tatting

Here you will find my tatting creations, tatting schemes to replicate them, and introductory articles and videos to this technique.

Low Waste

I recently started my journey towards a low waste way of living.

In addition to the homemade cosmetics section, I added this category to give you some tips and recipes that you can make at home to reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen.


This blog was actually originally created as a place to show off my digital art.

Then I started to develop the other sections more than this one, because I don’t make digital paintings very often, but my art is stil here if you want to see it.

Chemistry course for hobbyists

Well, it’s not really a course: it’s just a series of resources that I believe you should read before making cosmetics on your own. And it’s for free, like everything in my blog.

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Introduction to shuttle and needle tatting

New to tatting? Start here!

Low Waste: How to start

Find out how I started my journey and how I prepared myself for a new way of living

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