Nail Butter Stick

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Description: This nail butter is a modification of another simple recipe of mine, the Stretched Lobe Caring Butter. The recipe was modified in order to pack the butter into a stick instead of a glass jar, which makes the nail butter easier to use when you are outside and if you have very long nails. I use it on my cuticles whenever I remember to do it, and when I remove the old manicure, as a treatment before getting a new one.


Candelilla wax or Bellina wax5
Carnauba wax 2,5
Cetyl palmitate5
Shea butter10
Cocoa butter5
Coconut oil5
Sunflower seed oil10
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)5
Ricinus oil5
Almond oil20
Jojoba oil 20
Essential oil (lemon)some drops
Nail butter stick composition


Scale the components and transfer in a becher. Melt the ingredients in a water bath. When all components are melted and the solution is crystal clear, remove from the water bath. Add some drops of essential oil (10 should be sufficient) and transfer quickly in the stick tube (some tips about sticks here). Let the stick cool down in the fridge for some hours.


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