Where do I buy stuff to make cosmetics?

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That’s the question most people ask me when I say that I make my own cosmetics at home.

Until some years ago, it was actually tough to find the reagents to make cosmetics at home, since not many people were doing it and this kind of activity was limited to “real” labs.

With the growing trend of ecofriendly/bio/natural/whatsoever cosmetics, people started to make them at home and now we have plenty of online shops that sell chemicals for making cosmetics to non-professionala and not just to labs.

This is a list of the shops that I know and from whom I have bought at least once my material and equipment. It is limited to European shops, since I’ve always got my orders shipped to Italy or Germany.

  • Glamour Cosmetics. Italian shop. My favorite shop ever. It offers an incredible amount of chemicals, both green and “not-so-green”. Whether you’re a beginner or a crazy chemist, you will find almost any reagent you need for your cosmetics here. In addition, they have a huge section dedicated to make-up ingredients, with all the micas and sparkling pigments you can imagine. Finally, name a cosmetic fragrance and they will have it. They have hundreds. Fair prices, and they ship to Europe, too – I ordered at least twice also from Germany.
  • Aroma-Zone. French shop, one of the most famous in Europe, I believe. They ship everywhere for fair prices and they have almost everything you need to produce any kind of cosmetic product. They focus on organic/natural ingredients, so you will not find some chemicals that you would rather find on Glamour Cosmetics. They have a lot of essential oils, and it has been my favorite shop concerning packaging, before I started to pack my cosmetics into glass jars. I still order from there from time to time, because they have a vaste selection of ayurvedic herbs and henna/indigo. And their indigo is the best one I’ve ever used.
  • Dragonspice. German shop. They have much more than just chemicals – they have tea, henna, all sorts of spices… But so far, I’ve only bought chemicals. On one side, they don’t have some of the chemicals that Glamour Cosmetics has, but on the other side, they have others that GC doesn’t. That’s simply because the Italians and the Germans have their own preferences in terms of emulsifiers and other components. They have a lot of essential oils, too. Shipment outside Germany/Austria is pretty expensive, in fact I started to order there only when I moved to Germany.
  • Manske shop. German shop. Very similar to Dragonspice in terms of catalogue, but they only sell chemicals for cosmetics – not spices or teas. Very good prices, but shipment can be pretty expensive – even to Germany.
  • Brennessel-München. German shop, precisely in Munich. I never ordered from their website, but I wanted to list it here because they have their physical shop in Munich and I was there. The prices are not as competitive as Manske or Dragonspice, but knowing that there’s a physical shop in my city is very reassuring, because I can go there in case I need to replace just one ingredient or so. If you live in Munich, pass by there!

Some packaging shops I recently discovered…

Years ago, my favorite packaging supplier was Aroma-Zone. They have all you need for any kind of cosmetic product and they’re without doubt the best ones when it comes to make-up packaging.

When I started to make my cosmetics again after the PhD, I decided not to use plastic packaging. I looked for other options and I found these two shops:

  • Gläser und Flaschen. German shop. They sell mainly glass jars and glass bottles for any kind of use: from fruit jam to candles to whatever you want to put in there. I buy glass jars of all sizes from there, for a very cheap price. They’re meant for jam, but I use them for creams. The same goes for glass bottles, and they offer not only basic options but also very fancy and nice designs. Shipment outside Germany can be expensive, though. But I’m pretty sure you can find similar shops also in your country. The idea is just to look for glass jars made for jams.
  • Cinealta. This little shop on Etsy offers eco-friendly paper packaging for lip balms and sticks of various sizes (from the little ones of 7 g to bigger ones meant for deo-sticks of 45 g or more). Very nice products, they are one of the few offering black tube too – and we know, if anyone offers me a black option they earn points!
Lip balm tubes from Cinealta.

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