Solid Body Butter

I started to make this simple recipe recently, when I got tired of making creams. I will go back to work soon, therefore I won’t have much time for making creams anymore. I don’t want to go back to buy cosmetics, so I decided to give solid body butters a try. I have dry skin, so this kind of product kind of fits my skin type.


Cocoa Butter20
Shea Butter20
Coconut oil20
Cetyl palmitate15
Olive oil5
Calendula officinale oil extract3
Cosmetic fragrance (I used Oriamber by Dragonspice)1

Procedure: transfer all ingredients except the cosmetic fragrance and the calendula officinale oil extract in a beaker. Heat in a double boiler or on a hot plate until all components are melted. Add the oil extract and the cosmetic fragrance. Pour into soap molds and let cool down in the fridge for some hours.


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