Some analytical chemistry concepts: units of measurement, concentration, pH

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There are some concepts and definitions that I mention in my articles and formulas that I tend to consider obvious, because they are kind of obvious to me after years of working in a chemistry lab. But they might be not so obvious to you. Specifically, I use units of measurement, a certain kind of formality in writing them, concentrations and, of course, the term pH. 

I figured that for some people it might be not-so-obvious what does concentration mean and how is it expressed, or how does one switch from a unit of measurement to another one, and for sure not everyone knows what pH means. 

It’s time to find out! In the following list you can find all the pages related to these topics.

If you are a chemistry student or chemist, please don’t laugh at how I’m going to explain these concepts. These information pages are for cosmetic formulation hobbyists, not for chemists!

  • Units of measurement
    • SI units
    • Prefixes
    • How to convert units
  • Concentration
    • Molar concentration
    • Percentage concentration
    • Water calculation in formulas
  • Acids and bases
    • Definition
    • Strong and weak acids
    • Strong and weak bases
    • Amphiprotic species
    • Water: acid or base?
  • pH
    • Definition
    • pH range of DIY cosmetic products
    • How to measure pH in cosmetic products
    • How to adjust pH

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