Two-Shuttle Choker Scheme

[Versione italiana]

This is the first choker I made with two shuttles and with beads on the chains: I’m very proud of it!

The scheme is relatively easy: it’s just a very linear series of rings and chains, with no impossible pattern.

However, to make it you should be able to tat with two shuttles.

Moreover, you should know how to insert beads in two ways:

1. Connection beads: the ones you insert while connecting two rings through picots (in this work I used rocailles 6/0)

2. Beads within chains: the ones you load in the working thread (the one you use with the second shuttle) and insert in the picots. In this work I used rocailles 11/0.

The choker in the picture is made with Lizbeth 40, colour 605.

Have fun!


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