Long time no see…

Hello, few readers of this blog! I don’t know if you’re still there and if you still follow this zombie website, but if you are, thank you for your commitment!

I was just passing by and thought about writing a few lines about what’s up and whether I’m ever going to post here again about any of the topics I dealt with in this website.

The answer is: maybe, but probably not in the same way. Here’s an update on my main three topics: DIY cosmetics, zero waste kitchen and art.

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DIY cosmetics

I have stopped making my own cosmetics since two years by now, basically since when I started my current job. The reasons were mainly lack of time, but also skepticism about the microbiological stability of homemade cosmetics, and last but not least, I was fed up with the (Italian) green/DIY cosmetics world.

To give you an idea of how bad the Italian “bio-cosmetics” world is, I just found out that a blog/Facebook page I collaborated with in the past (notably, it was actually the company of the admin and we were basically unpaid employees who created content for their company for free under the mask of helping with a blog/page) keeps posting on their social media my own old Facebook posts, with my own photos and artwork, without my permission. They even sell gadgets with my artwork printed on it. That’s not a smart thing to do with the content of someone working in intellectual property, you’ll say, but the owner is definitely not one of the brightest minds I’ve encountered in my life, indeed.

Anyway, while I sort out this copyright problem with this blog/page, if you see the formulations or the artwork I posted here on my blog somewhere around in the web/social media, feel free to report this to me, as I have currently not given any permission to anyone to use my content for their websites or shop.

Back to DIY cosmetics, while I am not making elaborated formulations anymore, I have been experimenting with various approaches in skincare, from a very minimalistic and mostly DIY one first, to the full power of the 5 step routine by Paula’s Choice, and now I’m going back to a minimal skincare with very few (and rather cheap) products, which however I do not make on my own. When I’ll have found my balance, perhaps that’s something I might want to share on this blog.

Henna is back!

I also went back to dyeing my hair with red henna after a rather long break and a dramatic haircut to get rid of all the black indigo dye. My temporary rejection for henna was again due to my revulsion for the Italian bio-cosmetics world, which is full of crap and scientific ignorance (sorry but your “pinch of baking soda” won’t make your 500 g of henna paste alkaline – and it’s better this way!). Now I took a different approach and forced myself to forget all the weird beliefs of the bio-fellows and I started from scratch: I have started reading and learning about the chemistry of henna, thanks to the wonderful work of Catherine Cartwright-Jones (which you can find here) and finally I understood why I was so skeptical about what I have always read on the Italian henna-related blogs. It was simply the chemist inside me reacting to all that bullshit and begging me to be reasonable!

Long story short, I’m back into henna but with a clearer mind, no pressure on having to post anything on social media about it, and hair that is becoming longer, healthier and redder. This might be something I may write about in the future in more detail.

Zero Waste

My job has forced me to give up my original zero waste project, too, which involved a lot of making basic preparations from scratch. For a while I went back to a „normal“ life and to buy grocery at the normal supermarket, but then I found my deus ex machina: there is a delivery supermarket called Alpakas, which deliveries groceries you buy through their nice app to your home in a completely plastic-free way and with returnable (!) bags and jars. They deliver only in Berlin and Munich as of now, so don’t rush in looking for them in your city, I am just lucky to live in a city where they are present.

Thanks to this system and to a strict meal plan and meal prep organization that I developed with my husband, now we are back on track and our kitchen is plastic free for the major part. We manage to always cook our meals (both lunch and dinner even during the week), although we both work very long hours, which not only allows us for less waste, but also for healthier meals and, well, it saves us quite a lot of money. My recipes are now very simple and I do not make basic ingredients from scratch, therefore I do not plan to expand this section of my blog. Maybe I’ll write something about our organization strategies, which may help those who, like us, work more than 10 hours a day and have limited time to dedicate to cooking and to the household.


Another thing I almost gave up completely is drawing and graphic design. I have a plan on taking some courses and improve my technique, but who knows when I will have the time and the mental energy to do this! I am in the middle of preparing for the (many) exams to become a patent attorney and therefore my evenings and weekends have a pretty tight schedule (or I am simply too tired and all I can do is reading a book). I am not even playing the piano right now, but I hope to get back to a state in which I can do at least one creative activity again.

I think that’s it for now – sorry for the long story of my life but it has been a long time since the last time I posted anything and I know there are some fellow readers out there, I just thought about giving you some updates.

One last thing: I am still without public social media account, but you can always contact me via email!


Drawing project – W.I.T.C.H. 20th anniversary

And FINALLY, after… years, I am glad to post an article in this section of my blog!

20 years ago, in April, a wonderful comic was issued in Italy: Disney’s W.I.T.C.H., originally created by Elisabetta Gnone, Barbara Canepa and THE MASTER, Alessandro Barbucci. In 2001 I was roughly as old as the five main characters of this comic and I still love it today. Well, I like it up to issue #60, then things changed a bit and it was not so enjoyable anymore for me. But still, Witch has been an important part of my life and thanks to Barbucci’s wonderful style it is also one of the reasons I started to draw.

When I realized that this year is the 20th anniversary of this comic, I interrupted my “non-drawing period” and wanted to make a little tribute to this comic that means so much to me.

Enjoy 🙂

As always – please do not steal my artwork! If you repost it somewhere, thank you a lot! But don’t forget to credit me as artist and link to my blog 🙂

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Avere amici di penna nel 2021 – l’arte del “penpalling”

[English version]

Avete capito bene: in questo articolo parleremo di un’attività che i nati dopo il 2000 probabilmente non hanno mai conosciuto: gli amici di penna.

Per chi non sa cosa siano, gli amici di penna sono persone che abitano lontane da voi e con cui scambiate lettere. Ho detto lettere? Sì, quelle cose che scrivete con carta e penna, ripiegate e infilate in una busta con un francobollo e poi in una buca delle lettere. Lettere.

È una cosa molto insolita da fare nel 2021, in un’epoca in cui abbiamo così tanti mezzi per comunicare istantaneamente con chiunque, ma posso dirvi che esiste un intero mondo nascosto di persone stanche del “qui ed ora” tipico della comunicazione nel XXI secolo e che ancora scambiano lettere con corrispondenti dall’altra parte del mondo (o anche nello stesso stato).

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Penpalling in 2021

[Versione italiana]

Yes, in this article we are going to talk about an activity that many people born after 2000 probably don’t even know about: penpalling.

For those who don’t know what this means, penpalling means having a pen pal, a friend somewhere far away from you with whom you write letters. Did I say letters? Yes, those things you write with pen and paper, you fold and put into an envelope with a stamp and then throw in a mailbox. Letters.

It’s a very unusual thing to do in 2021, when we have all sorts of instant and free communication media, but I can tell you that there is an entire underworld of people who are tired of the “here-and-now” communication of the XXI century and still like to exchange letters to share thoughts and daily life stories.

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Torta di rabarbaro vegan – Veganer Rhabarberkuchen

[English version]

È tornata la primavera, anche se in Germania non sembra affatto, e mi sono accorta di essermi completamente dimenticata di aggiungere la ricetta per la torta di rabarbaro vegan.

Potete trovare la ricetta originale di mia suocera e la mia versione con meno uova qui.

Dopo molti esperimenti, sono riuscita a farne una versione vegana abbastanza affidabile, ovvero che resti in piedi nonostante l’assenza di uova e panna. Ci sono stati molti fallimenti per strada, ma ne è valsa la pena!

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Vegan rhubarb cake – Veganer Rhabarberkuchen

[Versione Italiana]

It’s spring again, although in Germany it doesn’t really look like, and I realized that I completely forgot to add my vegan version of the rhubarb cake in the blog!

You can find my mother in law’s version and my modified version here (with eggs and cream).

It took me a lot of experiments to get to this final vegan version, but I can say it was worth it!

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Prodotti per la pulizia della casa

[English version]

In questo articolo parleremo di come si fanno alcuni prodotti per la pulizia della casa.

Se avete mai cercato su internet come fare alcuni prodotti per la pulizia, avrete probabilmente trovato diverse stramberie fatte con ingredienti “100% naturali”, che spaziano dai limoni all’onnipotente bicarbonato a qualunque cosa si trovi negli scaffali della cucina.

Vi dico la verità: sono tutte cavolate.

Se volete pulire le superfici della vostra casa, vi serve un prodotto che (i) contenga qualcosa in grado di pulire, e (ii) non diventi nel giro di una settimana ospite di miliardi di batteri e muffe. In altre parole, vi SERVONO LE SOSTANZE “KIMIKE”!!11!1 Questo non significa che i vostri prodotti per la pulizia saranno dannosi. Utilizzare un prodotto che contiene un tensioattivo e un sistema conservante (oppure ha un pH adeguato per evitare lo svilupparsi di colture batteriche varie) è molto meno dannoso rispetto all’utilizzo di strani miscugli fatti di limoni putrescenti.

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Household products

[Versione Italiana]

In this article we will talk about how to make some household products, i.e. house cleaning stuff.

If you ever searched for formulas online for making a surface cleanser or a dishsoap or other household cleaning products, you will probably have found any kind of weird stuff made with “100% natural ingredients” that go from lemons to baking soda to whatever you can find in the kitchen.

Let’s be honest: that’s all bullshit.

If you want to clean the surfaces of your house, you need to use a product that (i) contains something able to clean, and (ii) that does not become the home to billions of bacteria and mold in two weeks. In other words, you NEED TO USE THOSE F**ING CHEMICALS. This does not mean that your house cleaning products will be harmful. Using a cleaning product that contains a surfactant and a preservative (or has a pH low or high enough that it’s microbiologically stable anyway) is much less harmful than using a viscid mixture of rotten lemons.

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The epiphany behind quitting social media

If anyone of you was actively following me on Instagram, they may have noticed that I haven’t been posting since October last year. Some may have seen some stories from time to time, but in the last month or two I never even logged in.

I bet that most of my Instagram followers did not really noticed any of this, because sometimes people simply do not appear in the feed for no reason because of the algorithm (even if they are posting) and they are just forgotten by anyone who was aware of their existence before.

So, probably you did not notice at all and you are not even interested in this article, but I would like to write here anyway why I feel quitting social media was the right thing for me. Because maybe it’s the right thing for someone else, too.

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Minimalismo cosmetico e low waste

[English version]

Ve lo ricordate il mio “low waste bathroom” di qualche tempo fa? Ero molto orgogliosa di quella foto, perché avevo impiegato mesi per liberarmi di prodotti aperti e testare nuove formule fino ad arrivare a quelle giuste per me.

Purtroppo, nei mesi successivi ho incontrato un problema più o meno inaspettato: il tempo. Forse chi segue questo blog l’avrà notato dalla mia totale scomparsa da qualunque piattaforma, ma da quando ho iniziato il mio nuovo lavoro il mio tempo libero è diventato praticamente zero e con esso, anche la mia voglia di spendere pomeriggi interi preparando cosmetici. Oltre a questo, sono diventata anche un po’ sospettosa riguardo la stabilità microbiologica dei cosmetici autoprodotti contenenti acqua. Tutto questo mi ha portata a sentire la necessità di una routine cosmetica più minimal, che mi permettesse di trascorrere il minor tempo possibile preparando prodotti e allo stesso tempo continuasse a consentirmi di avere poco packaging in giro per casa.

E quindi eccoci qui, ed ecco come si presentano oggi il mio armadietto e quello di mio marito.

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