Vegan rhubarb cake – Veganer Rhabarberkuchen

[Versione Italiana]

It’s spring again, although in Germany it doesn’t really look like, and I realized that I completely forgot to add my vegan version of the rhubarb cake in the blog!

You can find my mother in law’s version and my modified version here (with eggs and cream).

It took me a lot of experiments to get to this final vegan version, but I can say it was worth it!

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Cosmetic minimalism and low waste

[Versione italiana]

Remember my “low waste bathroom“ from some time ago? I was very proud of that picture, since it took me months of getting rid of old products and testing new formulations before I could get there.

However, in the months that followed I encountered a more or less unexpected problem: time. As you have seen from my disappearance from every channel – including this blog – after I started my new job my free time became almost zero and with it, also my will to spend entire afternoons making cosmetics. On the top of that, I became a bit suspicious concerning the microbiological stability of self made cosmetics containing water. All this brought me to the need for a more minimalistic cosmetic routine, which would allow me to spend only little time making stuff and at the same time having less and less packaging around.

So, here is how my (and my husband’s) bathroom closets look like today.

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Mohnkuchen – Poppy seed cake (vegan)

[Versione italiana]

Did you enjoy the poppy seed cookies? Then you will love this cake!

The original recipe is a vegan poppy seed cake with cherries, you can find it here.

I made my version without cherries, my own vegetable milk and vegan butter, and slightly different quantities.

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Mohnkekse – Poppy Seed Cookies

[Versione italiana]

Poppy seeds are another ingredient that I started to use only when I moved to Germany. My favourite dessert with them is the Mohnkuchen (the poppy seed cake), but I still have to test some recipes before I can write it on the blog. Today I show you how to make these very easy and quick cookies with poppy seeds: it takes just few minutes to prepare them and 15 minutes to bake them!

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Rhabarberkuchen: German rhubarb cake

The best thing about Germany in spring? That’s Rhabarberkuchen!

I had Rhabarberkuchen (rhubarb cake) for the first time some years ago, as I was visiting my partner’s family in Germany for Easter (we still lived in Italy back then). His mom said she would make this Rhabarberkuchen. I had never seen rhubarb and had no idea of how it looked or tasted like. As I saw her preparing this cake, it looked to me as it would be a sort of… ehm… celery cake. So I thought it would be a “salty” cake that we would eat for dinner, not a dessert.

But it turned out that rhubarb is NOT celery and it makes wonderful cakes and jellies! Unfortunately it is not very common in Italy, and I could start making my own rhubarb cake only once I moved to Germany.

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Margarine (vegan butter)

[Qui trovate la versione italiana di questo articolo]

I recently tried to make this margarine (vegan butter) out of curiosity. I have nothing against butter or commercial margarine, but it’s very difficult to find them without plastic packaging. Actually, even this version is not really plastic free, as I could find cocoa butter only in a plastic bag, but at least I buy a large quantity every time and use it also for cosmetics (yes, I check that it’s also for food).

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