Cosmetic minimalism and low waste

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Remember my “low waste bathroom“ from some time ago? I was very proud of that picture, since it took me months of getting rid of old products and testing new formulations before I could get there.

However, in the months that followed I encountered a more or less unexpected problem: time. As you have seen from my disappearance from every channel – including this blog – after I started my new job my free time became almost zero and with it, also my will to spend entire afternoons making cosmetics. On the top of that, I became a bit suspicious concerning the microbiological stability of self made cosmetics containing water. All this brought me to the need for a more minimalistic cosmetic routine, which would allow me to spend only little time making stuff and at the same time having less and less packaging around.

So, here is how my (and my husband’s) bathroom closets look like today.

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Dreaming of Witch nails: Diary of an ex nail-biter

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I have been a nail biter my entire life. In this long post I will tell you my long journey to stop biting my nails and learn how to take care of very long natural nails. If you’re not interested in the long story and pictures and you just want the take-home message with the strategy I followed to stop biting the nails, just click here.

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Haircare Set: the complicated one

These are the (homemade) products I use on my hair.

  • Solid shampoo: in the picture you see three different versions, with white clay (the white one), with ayurvedic herbs (brown) and with nettle & ayurvedic herbs (green)
  • Hair mask, with alcanna tinctoria oil extract
  • Leave-in fluid
  • Scented spray with proteins

Since March 2020 I started a different hair routine, which is much more minimalist: the “less is more” one.

Basic Makeup Set

I like to produce make up products like lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations, but unfortunately I don’t wear them.

My make up routine is very basic and doesn’t change much for day, evening and party events (party? What parties?). It’s always: foundation or bb-cream, nude eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

And of course I like to make these products on my own.

Here are the links to the recipes of the products you see in the picture. And don’t forget to get washable makeup remover pads!

Hand- and Nailcare Set

I am a nail art addict, therefore I spend a lot of time taking care of my hands and nails.

These are the products I use.

  • Glass files and cuticle pusher: these are from Germanikure and they are the best I’ve tried so far. In Europe you can find them on Amazon.
  • Peel-off base coat
  • Nail butter stick – I use it before going to bed and every time I remove my manicure. I apply it after I removed the nail polish and wait 10 minutes before washing my hands and going on with the new manicure.
  • Nail and cuticle caring oil – I use it after making a fresh manicure and every time I remember to apply it during the day.
  • Hand cream – Every time I remember or need to use it.