Shuttle Tatting Course: Lesson 1 – Shuttles

If you’re interested in shuttle tatting, you will need at least one shuttle. I recommend having at least two shuttles, because they are useful if not necessary for some kinds of lace work.

There are different kinds of shuttles. The main differences are the thread loading mechanism and the presence or absence of a pick (pointy tip) or hook. Some are bigger and suitable for thicker threads.

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Introduction to Shuttle and Needle Tatting

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Tatting? What the hell is this?!

Tatting – chiacchierino in Italian, Occhinädel in German – is a lace technique. It’s pretty vintage but in the latest years it has become popular again, maybe because the good old 90’s chokers are becoming trendy again.

With this technique you can produce earrings, bracelets, and of course chokers.

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