Creations Gallery: Art

Please don’t steal my artwork! If you share it, thank you but please credit me as artist!
If you’re interested in prints and commissions, you can find all the info below.

W.I.T.C.H. 20th anniversary
I was on a non-drawing period when I suddenly realized that 2021 is the 20th anniversary of the first issue of this wonderful Italian comic. Here you can find the full size pictures and the other characters I made (Cedric, Orube, Elyon…)

The idea behind this project was to create a series of portraits that would combine the digital portrait technique I used in Friends’ Portraits and a more cartoon-comics-like style. Each portrait is painted with different shades of the same hue.

I Re di Briscola.
My interpretation of the four Kings of the traditional Italian card games Briscola.

Friends’ Portraits.
This project was intended as exercise for my digital painting technique in which I took my friends as models.

There’s some art also in making the labels for my self-made cosmetics. These are some of the icons I use to label my products.

Scientific Artwork.
Digital painting is fun, but making icons for scientific works (like papers, thesis or presentations) is even better. Here are some samples from my papers and my PhD thesis.

Some samples of covers I illustrated for novels, scientific journals and PhD thesis.

Prints and Commissions

If you like my art and would like to receive a personalised artwork, I accept commissions:

  • Digital portraits
  • Fantasy characters
  • Book covers
  • Scientific artwork
  • Icons

All my works are digital. If you commission a work, it typically works like this:

  1. We speak about your project: the type of commission (portrait, cover for a book, logo for your page, scientific illustration…), the size and resolution that you need, the details and the composition of the work.
  2. We agree on a price.
  3. I prepare a first sketch of the work and I show it to you.
  4. When we are both satisfied of the sketch, I start to paint it/make the final version.
  5. I keep you updated on how the work is going on and I send you the intermediate versions (always protected with a watermark!)
  6. When I receive the payment, I send you the final version in the format(s) that you need.

The prices vary according to the type of work you need and the level of details, if it’s a digital portrait or an illustrated cover. Just contact me and tell me your idea 🙂