Theory for cosmetic formulation hobbyists

If something is not clear, or you would like me to discuss specific topics, or you are an expert formulator and you found mistakes in what I wrote, please let me know!

Please be fair: don’t copy and paste my content without crediting me as author and linking to my blog. Show some respect for all this work that I’ve been doing for YOU and for FREE!

Here are all the theory articles that can help you learning to formulate your DIY cosmetics

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The page will be updated as soon as I add new resources. Titles in italics are in preparation and will be available soon.

Introductory articles

Formulation (theory and practice)

Making Creams Series
Solid Shampoo Series
Other product types

Focus on…

The Fat Side of the Cream:
Nanotechnology in Cosmetics:

Skin, hair and nail structure and physiology


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