Why do I do this for free?

You may ask yourself if the content of this website, including the chemistry course for DIY formulators and the cosmetic formulas, is really open access and for free.

The answer is YES, it is.

You may have seen that I tend to beg you everywhere not to copy and paste my content without crediting me as author or linking to my blog, and that I place watermarks everywhere. I know what you’re going to say: if you care so much, why don’t you just do like other people and do a subscription system to access your resources?

I perfectly understand those who give access to their content only upon subscription fees: we spend a lot of time working on the creation of reliable and good content and give you our knowledge and experience, why should we do it for free?

Well, I thought about it and I decided to keep my website free and open to everyone for the following reasons:

I learned everything I know for FREE, I never paid a single cent for it. Yes, I went to university and paid university fees and occasionally bought some handbooks, ok. But trust me, I didn’t study for 5 years at the university and then suffered 4 years of PhD just to write some bullshit on a blog. I did it because I needed it for my real job. Everything I know about chemistry and especially cosmetic chemistry and DIY cosmetics, I’ve learned it for free on the internet. Everything I tell you comes from sources that YOU could easily find on your own and for free like I did (also because I always list them). I have read scientific papers for free, partially thanks to the institution I was working for as a researcher, and mostly thanks to that awesome tool that is Sci Hub. The same goes for patents and handbooks. It doesn’t sound fair to learn everything for free, thanks to Sci Hub that promotes the idea of “removing barriers in the way of science” (an idea that I also support), and then put the information I learned behind a subscription fee.

Someone has to do it. Ok, it sounds much more heroic than how it actually is. The point is: there are (too) few people in the world who actually want to learn to make cosmetics in the right way, paying respect to what allows them to do it, that is, chemistry. Of these few people, even fewer know my blog. If I would put everything under subscription, the few people who would like to learn would be tempted to look for free resources first, and they would probably end up learning from those Pinterest-inspired blogs that give misleading information and teach to make cosmetics out of Crayola markers.

Even if I would put everything under subscription or I would sell ebooks, we are in the age of savage internet sharing. People would steal my content anyway, if they would want to. If it’s already for free in the first place, there’s less need for people to make free copies out of it.