Stretched Lobes Caring Butter

This butter is very simple to make and can be used as nail/cuticle butter. With some modifications, the recipe can be turned into a butter in stick tube. I use this butter to take care of my stretched lobes, every time I change my jewels even if I’m not increasing the gauge since years. Stretched lobes need some attention also when you’re not stretching anymore!

Stretched Lobes Caring Butter

Recipe for 100 g

Shea butter10
Cocoa butter5
Coconut oil5
Sunflower seed oil10
Tocopherol (Vitamin E)5
Ricinus oil5
Almond oil20
Jojoba oil20
Essential oil (Eucalyptus and Mint)some drops
Stretched Lobes Caring Butter composition


Scale the components and transfer in a becher. Melt the ingredients in a water bath. When all components are melted and the solution is crystal clear, remove from the water bath. Add some drops of essential oil (10 should be sufficient) and transfer quickly in a glass jar. Let the butter cool down in the fridge for some hours.


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