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If you have read my articles about DIY cosmetics, you probably wonder where to get additional information about theory, more formulas and where to buy stuff.

Many online resources are already mentioned and linked in all my posts, but I thought it could be a good idea to collect them all in the same place, such that you can always find them.

Cosmetic chemistry and formulation: theory, formulas, info

EnglishMaking Skincare
Point of Interest
Chemist’s Corner
Formula Botanica
Humblebee & Me
School of natural skincare
Realize Beauty
UL Prospector
Cosmetics and toiletries
LisaLise Blog
Meine Kosmetik
Slow Beauty Cosmetics
Hazelwitch Naturkosmetik
Schwatz Katz
I cosmetici della Patty
Sapone scientifico
Inspiring people and blogs: Laboratorio cosmopolita, Nononsense cosmethic, Beatrice Mautino

Suppliers for hobby formulators (limited to European shops)

German shopsDragonspice
Italian shopsGlamour Cosmetics
Farmacia Vernile
French shopsAroma Zone

There are a lot more: these are only the ones I know and I ordered from (or I know people who did). If you know of any other reliable supplier, feel free to contact me and tell me about them!

Packaging suppliers

You can find packaging material for your cosmetics in alla the websites linked above. Aroma Zone is one of the best equipped in this regard.

In addition, I like to use glass jars and bottles for my cosmetics, that I buy in shops that sell glass jars and packaging for jams.

Gläser und Flaschen
Bottiglie e vasi (it’s still a German shop but it ships abroad for cheaper price than other shops)

Useful blogs and forums about haircare and skincare based on plants, henna and easy recipes

English: Long hair community, The Ancient Sunrise blog, Henna Page


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