Mohnkuchen – Poppy seed cake (vegan)

[Versione italiana]

Did you enjoy the poppy seed cookies? Then you will love this cake!

The original recipe is a vegan poppy seed cake with cherries, you can find it here.

I made my version without cherries, my own vegetable milk and vegan butter, and slightly different quantities.

This cake is divided in three parts: the “floor”, the filling and the top.


50 g sugar
50 g vegetable butter
50 g sunflower seed oil
150 g flour


500 ml oat milk
25 g cornstarch
35 g semolina
80 g sugar
120 g poppy seeds (possibly smashed)


60 g sugar
30 g vegetable butter
30 g sunflower seed oil
100 g flour

To prepare the filling: mix cornstarch, semolina, sugar in a pot and add oat milk while stirring. Place on the hotplate and heat until it boils (keep stirring all the time). As soon as it boils, it should become denser. Turn off the heating and add the poppy seeds while stirring. The whole thing should be thick and dense. Let it cool down while you prepare the rest.

Floor and top (the preparation is the same): let the butter soften a bit and mix it with sugar and sunflower seed oil. Then add the flour and mix until you get a smooth dough. Let cool down a bit, then distribute the floor evenly in a cake form. If you have enough dough for the floor, you can also build some “walls”.

Add the filling on the floor and distribute it evenly. Finally, add the top by crumbling on the surface of the filling.

In the cake you see in the picture, I also added some almonds on the top.

Bake 45 minutes at 180°C. Wait until it cools down before serving.


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